Nicholas Samuel

  • BSc (Economics) Honours, University of London, UK
  • MS (Agricultural Economics), Michigan State University, USA
  • PhD Michigan State University, USA

    Nicholas Samuel is a professional writer and former chair professor. He was previously research manager and senior policy analyst in the Australian government's economics research bureau. He played a leadership role in the deregulation of Australia's primary industries. He held the position of Chair Professor of Agribusiness at the prestigious University of Adelaide and served as the managing editor of a professional journal for several years.

    Samuel holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Michigan State University, and he has had more than one hundred articles published. His writing has appeared internationally in a variety of professional journals and has been recognized with awards for excellence, by the British Literati Club for published research and by the Chinese government for nationwide pioneering market research on behalf of foreign agribusiness.

    Samuel is the author of four books, including a text on applied economics published by Macmillan. His most recent title, Unending Recovery, is simple without being superficial and scholarly without being academic; it is a breezy and sharp-witted take on the world's current economic crisis.