Here is a perspective on the economic downturn that dares to be different in terms of breadth, depth, and style. It looks behind the headlines to offer real explanations, real answers, and real solutions – and does so in an evocative manner.

Unending Recovery: A Fresh Look at the Economic Crisis, Neglected Issues, Real Solutions takes a fresh look at our stubborn economic problem to address issues in a way that no other writing has done before. It reaches beyond the field of standard economics to tackle underlying and wider issues that have fallen outside the scope of mainstream analyses.

Weaving his own original observations into a straightforward yet eloquent presentation, award-winning analyst Nicholas Samuel insightfully probes beneath the surface unhindered by disciplinary boundaries.  He thinks outside the square to present the big picture on a large canvas with bold brush strokes for a finish that is simple without being superficial. By linking issues from finance, business, politics, and psychology to the keystone of economics he joins the dots for an inclusive take on what is really a multifaceted phenomenon.  He fulfills an unmet need by fearlessly unmasking hidden truths about the revered market that must be understood if we are to come to grips with the problem confronting us. In a style all his own he communicates with verve and instills life into a gray subject with a dash of satire.

No one can begin to properly understand the economic crisis engulfing us unless they are aware of the broad range of aspects that are vividly captured and integrated in this unusually comprehensive book. It is a must-read for everyone who has an interest in the subject.